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Living Seats


It is possible to create living willow seats in many ways, below are two quite different approaches.

The first is almost like making a traditional ‘indoor’ chair - but then you plant it in the ground . . . . and it grows !
The second is like making a basket (but the weaving does not need to be as precise or intricate) and then you fill with soil . . . . and it grows !

This is an example of the first type which we ‘made’ The photographs above show the the chair ‘in construction’ and then planted, with the photograph to the right showing growth in early June.
This was our prototype after being asked to help a customer make such a chair. 
We supplied all of the thicker ‘sticks’ and willow whips to her to make a chair of the same design, but to be treated as ornamental, rather than for actually sitting in - that is, a little smaller than would fit an adult - at a cost of 55 plus 19 carriage.

If you want to create something similar please telephone or e-mail to discuss your requirements.

These two styles of woven seats have been made using about 15 x 30 inch long thick willow cuttings spaced at about 6 inches apart  (always use an odd number of stakes for the weaving to work) and a little less than one of our bundles of 3 to 5 ft long willow whips just weaving in and out.

The seat at the top has a slightly raised back by just using a few longer cuttings at the back with a little extra weaving  -  48 plus 19 carriage.

The lower seat has a few 7 and 8 ft long whips pushed in alongside some of the stakes to create a simple canopy  -  63 plus 19 carriage.

The soil on the top of the seat can be covered with turf or low growing plants such as lawn chamomile or a creeping thyme.

We made these seats over the winter - see the photographs on the left - with the photographs to the right showing growth in early June.


Please get in touch if you would like
to create a living willow seat and want to
discuss your requirements.



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