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Living Willow

From Willows Nursery

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Our living willow website is divided into 2 parts.

In this section of our website you can use the links
on the left to find out just how easy it is to make . . .

  • A Living Willow Wigwam
  • A Living Willow Dome
  • Living Willow Fedges
  • Living Willow Tunnels
  • Structures from planting cuttings in situ.
  • Living Willow Seats

Photograph galleries are included in many of the sections to
show you how easy it is to make structures from living willow.

And you can also find out a little about weaving with willow.


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This photograph, taken in mid winter, shows Salix Alba Vitellina (yellow stems) to the left and Salix Alba Britzensis (red stem) in the background, an old simple living willow archway in the middle and a ten year old Salix Tortuosa tree (heavily cut back during some years) on the right.

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Anne Cordes is a member of The Basketmakers’ Association. 

If you would like to find out more about the Association please visit the Basketmakers Association website   www.basketassoc.org

Also for further information visit    www.basketmaker.net 


Willow Courses

Anne runs workshops for small groups at our nursery.

Please look at our website www.willowweaving.co.uk for more information.

There are many and varied willow courses run by other members of
the Basketmakers Association and details can be found on their website.



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